Bedankmail van Dalida

Emotionele bedank-mail van Dalida Kozlic - Hulpactie 93

Hello Hanno,

Once again thank you, Ria, your whole team and especially all donators for your amazing support. I am deeply touched by the generosity of all of you. Your support and understanding give me strength to keep going in my mission to help animals in need every day.

We see so much fear, pain and suffering, but also we see something that no one can explain in the eyes of stray animals. They have a look which says, “My world is destroyed”, “I have been betrayed”. There are no words to explain the pain in their eyes...

There are no words to explain how tortured animals behave, how frightened they are, but only tortured animals know what they feel in their souls.

The important thing is that we all make difference. Love makes miracles and thanks to your willing to find out more about Bosnian situation and your wish to help Bosnian stray animals, many lives have been and will be saved. Rescued animals will get better conditions and new opportunities to help will be provided.

Animals suffer in silence and making the difference is the biggest thing we can do. Making a difference means being their voice. We must be their voice as well as their saviours.

Saving one life makes a difference; every saved life is worthwhile and important. Being the voice of animals is something that can change things for all animals, and that can end this nightmare once and for all.

Thank you for everything and I send you love and hugs from Bosnia.

Dalida Kozlic

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